6.6L Duramax LLY Changes

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2006 LLY Changes

Revisions to the LLY for 2006 Model Year










In 2006, the Duramax LLY received many changes to enhance performance as well as strengthen the engine in order to handle the additional output. While the specifications and general architecture of the engine were unaltered, the following changes were made to the engine.



2006 Duramax LLY

• Upgraded cylinder block casting & machining for increases strength.
• Main bearing material upgraded for longevity.
• Compression lowered to 16.8 : 1 from 17.5 : 1.
• Piston pin diameter increased for strength.
• Thicker connecting rod were installed.
• Revised cylinder head design to match lowered compression ratio.
• Maximum fuel injection pressure increased to 26,000+ psi (from 23,000 psi) thanks to a new higher pressure fuel pump.
• New 7 hole injector design. Injectors now spray directly onto glow plugs for easier/quicker starts and reduced emissions during start-up.
• New, faster heating glow plugs.
• Upgraded variable geometry turbocharger for lower emissions and improved efficiency.
• Air induction system altered to reduce engine noise.
• Larger EGR cooler.
• Intake air heater installed to reduce emissions while engine is cold. Decreases engine warm-up time.
• Horsepower increased to 310 hp @ 3,000 rpm, Torque increased to 605 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm.